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Coming soon: Next-Gen Interoperable Domains

We're launching DNS domains that work in Web2 and Web3. They can be used for blockchain & fiat wallet IDs, open authentication credentials, DID, decentralized email, wallet-to-wallet messaging, universal website & browser support, and more.


The Future of Digital Identity

Interoperable Domains
Interoperable Domains
  •  Futureproof, interoperable digital asset
  • Universal compatibility across all browsers and devices out of the box
  • Personalized identity across all Web2 and Web3 applications
  • Reach 5B+ Internet users and organizations worldwide
  • No APIs, SDKs, or other user hacks
Other Web3 Names
  •  High risk of name collision and obsolescence
  • Custom integrations and poor compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Limited functionality in social names and specialized apps
  • Unsecure and prone to scams and security breaches
  • Lack of mainstream adoption and integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Name Tokens are blockchain-based tokens that can serve as digital identities on different blockchains without the need for long, alphanumeric wallet addresses.

Name Tokens are limited to Web3 functionality. In order for a name to be considered a valid domain, it needs to be approved by ICANN and be compatible with the DNS.

You can sign up for early access above and you will be notified about our upcoming launches.

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is like a phonebook for the internet. It translates user-friendly domain names into computer-friendly IP addresses, allowing us to visit websites without having to remember complex numbers. It's overseen by ICANN and includes various records like MX for email routing and TXT for verifying domain ownership and enhancing security. This system is what makes the internet accessible and secure for everyone around the world.

Top Level Domains (TLDs) are unique extensions such as ‘.com’ or ‘.org’ or ‘.xyz.’ TLDs are administered and approved by ICANN. The last, and only, application window for new TLDs was in 2012.